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Company philosophy

Honeycomb Techno Research Inc.
is committed to bringing peace of mind and trust for the companies
that own excellent products and helping them to expand global business expansion, in addition,
Honeycomb is also committed to contributing to the further development of Japan and relevant countries.

"Peace of mind and trust" which means the trust of society and safety of products in Honeycomb ,
is the universal value at all times and around the world,
and is also an essential elements that accompanies good service and quality.

In the international environment where uncertainty is increasing day by day,
but Honeycomb still guarantees to everyone who is about to carry out globalization that
we will continue to bring in trust and peace of mind, and we would also like to make the commitment as following:
· Assist companies to make judgments based on legal and data
· Assist companies to avoid legal risks
· Provide reliable compliance services
· Delivery on time accordance with the contract time

■ Background of the company philosophy
The Japan's market is gradually shrinking due to its low birth rate and ageing population, while the market of developing countries is gradually expanding due to the growth of population and consumption. They are faced with various problems such as environmental pollution,lack of resources, technology shortages and backward infrastructure.

While using advanced technology and high-quality products to help them solve these problems, Japanese enterprises are also expanding their business to overseas markets year after year.

However, in the process of overseas development, Japanese enterprises have to face a lot of uncertain risks, due to the differences in cultural, commercial customs, legal systems, etc.

Therefore, Honeycomb focuses on helping Japanese enterprises to solve these risks and uncertainties, and is committed to bringing peace of mind and trust in the development of their global business.

With the advantage of chemistry, IT, language, law and other professional fields, Honeycomb can help Japanese enterprises solve compliance problems from different angles. As for the problems that companies may encounter as obstacles when developing their overseas, we also put forward some relevant suggestions to the authorities and establish trust relationships with the authorities.

As a result, we received delegation from more than 700 companies, including some of the world's largest Japanese companies.

As a result of pragmatic and high quality services,we has accumulated a lot of achievements, and gained the trust from our customers. We have also got a praise from customer: "When there are any difficulties, our company employees say "find Honeycomb".

From now on, we will always adhere to the gratitude and humility, truly grasp the needs and changes of the times based on the customer's perspective, to bring in trust and peace of mind for the globalization of Japanese companies, and continue to make contributions to the further development of Japan and related countries.

※Revised in May 2016

■Basic Attitude
Thanksgiving and Working-hard
Sequential and Stable
Collaborative and Delighting
Valiant and Passionate

■Business Philosophy
As you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.

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