China · Taiwan Chemical Regulations General Information System

Message from the President

  We started as a system development company in 2006 named"株式会社モバイルシステム".
  In this process,taking the opportunity of developing large-scale MSDS production system, we have also carried out supportive business related to laws and regulations in mainland China and Taiwan, so as to let customers know the local laws and regulations in their own places.

  As a comprehensive consulting company for China and Taiwan's chemical regulations, our company's main business is to help foreign companies to register existing/new chemical substances to the authorities of China/Taiwan and to prepare GHS-compliant MSDS(SDS). In addition, with the expertise in system development, our company has independently built and continuously enriched various regulatory databases in China and Taiwan. As a result of pragmatic and high quality services, we have gained the trust from our customers, for which we are grateful.

  Before we conduct business in China and Taiwan, we must fully understand the specific differences between the various legal systems of government. Companies may also be hindered by these when they are conducting business, so it's necessary to have the ability to find the best solution from the current law system to deal with these problems. We are committed to helping them solve these problems, and from so we have also accumulated a wealth of experience and the ability to meet challenges. Recently, with the increase in attention to environmental issues, the requirements for solving solutions, reliability, and safety of environmental problems have gradually increased, and addressing such problems has also become an important issue.

  We have established a variety of regulatory databases (providing database services), including ChemExpert which is a portal for chemical regulations, and are committed to improving the convenience of use for our customers.

  In the future, we will help Japanese companies to solve various obstacles in the process of business contact between Japan and China˙Taiwan in an appropriate way, and be as a bridge between countries, contribute to exchanges between countries through the business operations of Honeycomb Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., strive to maintain the reputation of "Hand over China and Taiwan chemical affairs to Honeycomb!".

  In the future, we will make unremitting efforts to provide customer-centric services, and we sincerely hope that you can communicate with us and give us more care.

President Meiguan Chen

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